Why Medisoft?

Medisoft is  an ICD-10 ready,  user friendly program for Medical Billing.  Over 70,000 Physicans use Medisoft. 

  •   Collect co-payments and balances due at the time of check-in.
  • Add payments directly into the Medisoft billing system from the scheduling screen.
  • Produce a “quick receipt” for payments collected up-front.
  • Set up patients using the Patient Quick Entry feature, which consolidates billing data entry into one easy screen.
  • Submit claims electronically and manage claims by resubmitting individual claims or batches of claims when there is a dispute with a payor.
  • Produce professional, easy to read patient statements.  
  • ICD-10 problems? With Medisoft

ICD- 10 Problems?

With Medisoft and Encoder Pro you have the complete ICD-10 Volumes at your fingertips, in an easy search format.  Simply find the ICD-10 you want and click, click, its added to the Medisoft program. 

PayPal Acceptance

Electronic Claims !

Still sending paper claims?  Or a "print image" to a clearinghouse?  We can help you setup Electronic Claims with over 5 different clearinghouses.  No need for expensive software and hours of programming.  Simple Suite software is just that - SIMPLE!  Installed in about 20 minutes and learned in less time.  

Whether you have software and a clearinghouse or not, we can help you to get your claims paid.  Call us today! 

24-7 Phone Support !

Having Medisoft or

Computer Problems? 

We can help!

  • No Support Plan Necessary
  • Pay Per Minute  
  • Connection within minutes
  • Training by Appointment

Medisoft Sales, Support and Training

MaxRemote Support is affordable.  No contracts or  programs to buy.  Charged by the minute.  

​Give us a call at 484-550-4983 today!

            Data Conversion?
Have an older version of Medisoft and worried about losing data if you upgrade?  We can convert your data from any version 5.5 and up with all financial data.  DOS versions convert demographics and insurance info only. 

Included with the purchase of new software.  

Please call prior to connecting to a technician.


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