Still sending paper claims?  Or a "print image" to a clearinghouse?  We can help you setup Electronic Claims with over 5 different clearinghouses.  No need for expensive software and hours of programming.  Simple Suite software is just that - SIMPLE!  Installed in about 20 minutes and learned in less time.  Totally integrated with Medisoft and Total MD.  ​

Whether you have software and a clearinghouse or not, we can help you to get your claims paid.  Call us today! 

Our Remote Support is affordable.  No contracts or  programs to buy.  Charged by the minute.  

​Give us a call at 484-550-4983 today!

Please call prior to connecting to a technician.

Medical Software and IT Solutions.

Different offices need different solutions for their Practice Management needs.  Our consultants are trained in multiple solutions.  We have been dealing with Medical Billing Software even before Windows came along.  With Medical Billers and Coders on staff as well we are able to give you a complete solution.    Affordable software Sales, Support and Training has been a priority.  We don't work for the Software manufacturers  we work for our clients.  That means we work for YOU!

We have teamed with Smith Technologies Limited.   With over 40 cumulative years in IT services, it means that their technologists have sufficient knowledge of a wide range of businesses and implementations to be able to recommend, design, and service the right solution for your company.

We can order, setup and install all your hardware and software. Even connecting your lab and diagnostic equipment to your computers.  

Each of the software programs we offer are  ICD-10 ready,  user friendly programs for Medical Billing.  We will work with you to choose the best solution for your office.  Medisoft, Total MD, Pri Med or another solution.  

ICD-10 problems? With Medisoft and Encoder Pro you have the complete ICD-10 Volumes at your fingertips, in an easy search format.  Simply find the ICD-10 you want and click, click, its added to the Medisoft program.